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Empower your health and wellbeing with the power of functional medicine

People are complex whole beings, not a diagnostic label associated with a collection of symptoms. As such, the treatment two people need for the same disease can be completely different.

Additionally, masking symptoms with pharmaceuticals is no longer a sustainable approach to health.

Functional medicine is an evidence based method that identifies the root cause of a disease and address it with a personalized, patient-centered treatment approach.

We see functional medicine as the medicine of the future, a natural evolution of conventional medicine.

About Us

Welcome to FMD, a Functional Medicine Community. We are researchers, health practitioners, online publishers, and tech entrepreneurs with a strong passion to optimize people’s health and wellbeing by bringing the power of functional medicine mainstream.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the most accurate, unbiased, evidence-based knowledge so you can educate yourself and take control of your health. To achieve that, we have partnered with the nation’s leading medical experts, so they can share their lifelong experiences and expertise with you.

Our goal is to create an extensive knowledge base to increase awareness of the functional medicine approach and help you learn about safe and effective treatment options. We also want be a resource for you to find the best functional medicine physician who can work with you on addressing your health concerns with an individualized wellness plan.

Why Functional Medicine?

The number of people who suffer from complex chronic disease continues to rise.

Conventional symptom-based medicine can offer solutions for short term acute conditions. Chronic care, however, is a different story, especially where the root cause of disease is unknown.

Functional medicine can help to bridge the gap by seeking to understand the cause, addressing prevention, and treating complex, chronic diseases. Treatments are patient-centered and tailored based on each person’s unique needs and experiences. The functional medicine approach often includes a holistic path to wellness, with a focus on diet and lifestyle changes.

Functional medicine does not exclude conventional medicine. Instead, it combines the scientific knowledge of the Western approach with a holistic view of health to treat the root cause of disease.

Our Core Values

To make sure the information on our website helps optimize your health and wellbeing, we have defined five core values that every article we publish must meet:

  1. Evidence based, written by high authority medical professionals.
  2. Safety: First, to do no harm (Primum non nocere).
  3. Treat the cause, not the symptoms.
  4. Unbiased.
  5. Actionable.

With these five values in mind, we have created a useful resource to guide you on your path to lifelong wellness.

Contact Us

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We are honored to collaborate and partner with the nation’s leading functional medicine experts to help share their lifelong experiences and expertise with our functional medicine community.

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