Online/Phone or Doctor’s Office Visit?

Online/Phone, Telemedicine or Doctor’s Office Visit?

Many functional medicine physicians offer the option of a “virtual meeting” via the phone, skype, etc. Meeting your doctor without having to drive all the way to its office is obviously very convenient and can actually be helpful, especially in the following cases:

  1. Initial consultation:
    You have never met your doctor, and want to find out if the doctor’s experience and approach may be a good fit for you.
  2. Learn more about your options:
    A phone consultation with a functional medicine physician may also help to shed light on the available options (e.g. tests, treatment, dietary strategies, and more).
  3. Touch base:
    You have already had your initial visit and want to touch base (e.g. discuss test results, questions about diet or other treatment options).

Some conditions, however, may require physical examination. During the physical examination, your doctor may find physical signs you may not be aware of. These signs may be critical in order to correctly diagnose the root cause of your issues.

Find functional medicine practitioners that offer online/phone consultation.

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