Functional Medicine Approach to Geriatric Medicine

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A Q&A with Dr. Venkata Kada, MD

In this interview, we spoke with Dr. Venkata Kada, MD, a functional medicine doctor specialized in geriatric medicine.
Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease in older adults. Geriatricians are doctors who specialize in the aging process and are trained in the diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of illness in the elderly.[1]

What is your functional approach to geriatrics medicine?

Detailed patient history with focus on events in an individual’s life especially adverse events, lifestyle factors such as nutrition, activity, sleep and physiological imbalances. Detailed evaluation per the information obtained from the above information with personalized analysis rather than general approach. Best outcomes can be achieved by engaging patient in their health care through empowerment and self-realization.

What made so passionate about functional medicine?

The whole body and mind approach of functional medicine with focus on root cause. The opportunity to integrate conventional medicine knowledge into functional medicine practice to evaluate and treat a patient with holistic approach.

What are the main benefits of a functional approach to geriatrics medicine?

With functional medicine approach in geriatric medicine the ability to deep dive into the process of evaluation and treatment is very helpful which is not possible in conventional medicine which mostly is unintegrated and speciality based.

With functional medicine approach the common geriatric problems such as polypharmacy, cognitive impairment, etc. can be effectively managed since the focus is not just on the pharmacological treatment as in conventional medicine.

Are there any disadvantages?

Lack of awareness of Functional medicine. Insurance Coverage for functional medicine practice not the same as that for conventional medicine.

My top tips for healthy aging

Per my Geriatric Medicine and functional medicine experience one of the greatest opportunity for an individual to age well is to realize the significant influence of the lifestyle factors and events on physical and psychological health. Healthy aging can be achieved by starting to work on these factors as early as possible in their life. There are multiple resources in functional medicine to work on these factors and functional medicine practitioner can guide to age healthy.


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